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by Alex Cline

"As I got older, scouting started to shift from having a ton of fun to learning to lead."

it's different for just about everyone in it. Everyone who enters the scouting program has different tastes and experiences that shape what scouting is to them.

        When I was younger, scouting to me was all about having as much fun as I could. From playing games with the troop to doing merit badges like Horseback Riding and Small Boat Sailing, it was always about having fun experiences. As I got older, scouting started to shift from having a ton of fun to learning to lead. There was still fun happening for sure, but my focus, what I actually got out of the troop had changed to be a little more demanding. And that’s okay. That showed me that in life, one's interests and motivations change as time passes. Whether that is due to one maturing or one simply desiring something different isn’t really that important. What is crucial though is that we recognize it and we act on it, because no one else is going to. Absolutely nothing will happen unless you make it happen. No one is going to make you a checklist or a to do list. From holding Venture Crew 75 together when there was low attendance to my own Eagle Project, I had to make it happen. Boy Scouts is truly your program and Venture Scouting even more so. If you want to do something, you just have to act on it. And that is was scouting taught me.

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